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About me

As you already know, my name is Artemiy and I can present myself as a self-taught programmer.

I’ve always been obsessed with math and keen on solving complex problems. As a middle school student, I would never miss a single math competition. One day, my computer science teacher familiarized us with programming (there are just few Pascal topics taught in the 8th grade). That’s where my IT-journey began: completing simple programming tasks I found out that solving those problems was really close to what I already did. We didn’t have any extra coding classes at school, so I decided to study on my own. Back then I started with YouTube video lessons on Python programming language. For deeper understandnig I was practicing solving problems from the Project Euler.

My first study project was simulator of a children’s game called "Kozel". Just in two months of summer holidays I learned how to create algorithms, and when the academic year had begun, I managed to become the winner of All-Russian Olympiad on the municipal level.

Of course, it wasn’t the limit... So, I got curious if I would be able to create my own product. I studied how to build websites with HTML and tried to build my first website for a school project (using vanilla HTML4). Although the technologies I used were completely outdated (and so was the website), I could say I was quite pleased with the final result.

Later, I learned C++ and Java, began reading books on algorithms and data structures. At the same time, I took part in a few programming contests on CodeForces. I even tried gamedev on game engine Unity with C#, but lost interest very soon. Further "studying program" included raising my web-development skills and learning HTML5, CSS3 (+Sass), JavaScript (+jQuery, ReactJS, NodeJS), PHP.

Today, I never stop studying and developing. I’m also searching for working opportunities! My current goal is to get a job as a software engineer, gain experience and add some projects to the portfolio.